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Google was working on a self-driving car project since 2008 and now it has launched its brand new Google Self Drive Car. It is a completely reliable service by Google and launched before testing at California. People can use smartphones to summon these cars to their location and enjoy the journey.

It has only two buttons; first is start button to begin the journey and second is an emergency button to stop quickly. Surprisingly it doesn’t have a steering wheel and any other manual control system that can be found in regular cars. It runs on an electric system so there will be no more environmental pollution. SeeĀ Self Driving Cars before going deep into Google’s technology.

Google Vision: It is the result of Google’s new technology era. The concept of self-driving cars occurred in the 1920’s; from now to today there had been completed much work to the creation of autonomous advanced technology.

It is the Google first five-year project that can be seen as a result of driverless Google car which has two seats and two buttons only and nothing more. It uses many sensors including GPS which is responsible to navigate the car accurately with the help of other sensors – because no single sensor can work alone.

How Google tests its driverless Car

A private testing environment of Google in the result of private roads are used by Google to test its brand new self-driving car on which only two person can sit.

In the first testing phase, Google tested its autonomous car with manual drivers due to major safety issues.

The US has allowed running driverless cars on specific roads – by taking advantage of it Google is on top to operate driverless cars. A rider revealed his experience after riding in Google Self driving Car.

Waymo Company


waymo companyWaymo is the daughter company of Google – whose mission is to develop autonomous cars more safe and reliable for public use. In August 2016 this company tested an autonomous car which drove itself more than 126,000 miles in full control and more safely.

At the start of 2017, this autonomous car drove itself a total of 636,868 miles which was reported to California DMV – hence a green signal has been given to its struggle and as a result of its safety progress this company got permission to launch its first self-driving car in California which is now being operated successfully.

Worst Weather conditions like rain, storm, and snowfall are the biggest challenge to these driverless cars because their radar system and latest laser technology cannot sense in worst weather conditions.

A major impact of self-driving vehicles is that they are suitable for elderly and disabled persons. In America, 45% of total population of disabled persons will have this opportunity to go outside with ease. Many of them work in offices and many run their own businesses, therefore they should thank self-driving cars for such a facility.

Those who have automobiles but cannot drive for any reason may enjoy this services. Although this facility is available to rare people such as it is only for Google employees and for Specific regions where these cars run i.e California.

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