How to hack Facebook Password using Phishing?

Method#2 (100% Tested)

When all methods fail in retrieving FB password the last hope comes next. This Process is only for geniuses who struggle from their heart.

Note! This Method requires basic knowledge of web development.
Only Web Hackers use this method! Don't worry if you have basic
knowledge of html & Css you can do it. It requires only struggle.

Steal Facebook Password via Phishing

Don’t let yourself to confuse with the word phishing. It has the different meaning as your first imagination imagine the meaning of Fishing. Let’s talk about Phishing.

Phishing: The illegal technique to get username, password & sensitive information like credit cards etc. is called phishing. This process requires a clone website.

what is a clone website? The same copy of the other website to steal the data from it. The purpose of this clone is to make the same website as the other’s one, so that user can give his/her sensitive information. Have a look on clone fb site:

facebook clone

This Clone has the same view of fb site as the Original One

But as you Notice! The domain name is not the same as Original One

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You cannot grow without Struggle. You cannot develop Strength without Resistance & without challenging yourself.

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