How much do Uber Drivers make in New Jersey, NJ

In average, Uber Driver makes an approximate of $6 per hour in New Jersey, NJ; which is 22% less than the National average & 20% less than from Ornaldo, FL. We did a manual research and collected the data; compare it to the abstract results, reached accuracy to the original results.

Disclaimer:  The Salary information is obtained from the results of manual research. The data is 95% accurate. The average salary tolerance in New Jersey, NJ is 5% which means that the results may vary by 5% more or less the original results. See the Survey!

How is Uber Fares Calculated?

Basically, there are 5 steps to calculate Uber Fares:

      • Base Fare: Charges beginning of the Trip. Depends on your city trend toward base fare.
      • Cost per Minute: Charges of the ride of each minute.
      • Cost per Mile: Charges of the ride of each mile.
      • Booking Fee: Flat charges covering operational costs.
      • Dynamic Pricing: Multiplier for Fare but not for any fees.

Here is the Formula to calculate Uber Fare:

Base Fare + (Cost per minute * time in the ride) + (Cost per mile * ride distance) + Booking Fee + Other Fees = Your Fare

What Drivers think of these Numbers

Your Salary Solely depends upon the amount of time you travel. In order to make 20$ to 27$, you need to travel 12 hours in New Jersey (Excluding Eating / Toilet / Rest Breaks). But the Average Salary is 6$ if you are just a mediocre Driver.

Chris Schapdick, Driver at Uber (New Jersey):

When I was just a passenger, I was very curious to drive through Uber. I got the opportunity to drive as a driver at Uber because Uber was working with Enterprise where you can get a car at rental bases with a special offer (Just because of Uber contract with that Enterprise). Then You use this rental car to drive for Uber.

You have to reimburse the rental fee (which is about 260$) for the week if you complete 75 trips in a week as per the Enterprise contract with the Uber.

I saw this deal as an opportunity but the problem is that there’s too difficult to hit 75 trips in one week. You have to work hard to complete 75 trips.

I thought I would draw many short trips by going to Manhattan. But this is impossible cause Uber won’t let you pick a trip to NYC.  You can go to NYC but as a ride (You can’t pick a new ride there) Unless you reached here New Jersey.

Leticia Alcala, Uber Woman Driver Network

You can only generate more revenue by learning various techniques. Join the rideshare group and keep in touch with other Uber drivers

Uber Drivers Reviews:

These are the reviews from some of the Uber Drivers we queried:

Uber Driver Reviews

Connie York says:

For me, a good rating has got to be 4.8 or higher. I don’t even pick up anyone with a rating below 4.6, because there is no explanation for you not to have a good rating if you are a decent person.

I’ve completed more than 3000 rides in Chicago and only on a handful of occasions did I ever gave a passenger a 3 or lesser rating.

A low rating might not get you banned from Uber, and surely you should not be overwhelmed by it, but you should be aware of it because nobody would want to accept a ride from 3-star rider.

Peggy McLaughlin says:

I usually drive in the suburbs of New Jersey and 4.5 is considered really low. One of the reasons I think this is because I never have seen an Uber Passenger Rating below 4.6, so maybe they connect me with better riders.

William Peterson says:

Sometimes when I see a 4.3 or 4.4, it makes me think twice. Most drivers will give you a 5-star rating as long as you avoid being rude, acting like you own the car and causing any other problem.

So If you have a 4.3, there must be a reason for that.

David Doolan says:

5 is ideal and that’s where everyone tries to reach. Speaking as a driver myself, 4.7 is considered acceptable and should not cause you any trouble getting a driver to pick you up, even in drinking hours.

From 4.7 down to 4.5 can make some drivers let your request pass away. Below that rating and you still get a ride? Maybe you are lucky or the driver didn’t bother seeing your rating.

Edward E. Taylor says:

A good passenger rating would be 4.8 or higher, and the best you can get is a 5-star rating. Both passengers and drivers strive for this rating, the higher the better.

I give all passengers 5-star rating unless they did something stupid like puking in the car or damaging something or if they made me wait.

I have been driving Uber for a year now and I’ve completed over 4000 rides, and rarely did I ever rate someone below 3. So, If there’s a rider with below 4.7 rating, I don’t even accept the ride.

Uber Passenger Reviews

Uber Passenger Reviews

Along with the drivers, we also interviewed some passengers to know their opinion. This is what they had to say.

Jeffrey P. Buck says:

I have had more than 200 Uber rides and I have an Uber Passenger Rating of 4.72. According to me, this is pretty good because according to my observations, I had 6 1-star ratings, 8 3-star ratings, 16 4-star ratings and 170 5-star.

I believe in 170 more than 30, so if I am rated 5-star almost 6-times more than 4-star or below, I think most people like me. I try my best to be as polite as I can.

I’ve never had any bad experience with any driver, and I was unable to grasp why I was rated low. But there’s no need to worry, some people just have their mindset to rate no more than 3-star.

So my overall rating is good but if I ever get below 4.5, I would be a little worried.

Emily Augustine says:

I have only had about 20 rides on Uber and my riding rating is 4.6 which I think is good because I am always in the best of my behavior and making sure to not take much time while getting in and out of the cab.

But I still get 2 1-star reviews, and I think I know why. Some drivers don’t like short trips and they give a 1-star rating, which in my opinion, is a horrible practice.

In one case, I was flying to Canada with my Husband (who is a successful lawyer by the way), met the driver on time, spoke very softly on the phone, we got out of the car very quickly.

My Uber rider rating dropped quickly after that ride. Maybe some people just don’t like seeing you happy.

In conclusion, some people are just going to rate you bad even for no reason. So you are going to end up with a rating of around 4.6-4.7, but you should see the other healthy ratings that say you are a nice person.

And in that context, the Uber Rider Rating of 4.6 or even 4.5 can be considered acceptable.

Tips to get more Revenue From Uber:

The tips to generate more revenue from Uber is mandatory for you to know and follow the quick points. These tips are based on research to give your attention to it.

[Video Credit]

If you work at Uber, definitely you are thinking about generating more revenue from Uber-like others do. But probably you are failing at some point, so let’s take a look at some core points to be followed for successful Driver at Uber

1. Keep Some food and Water while driving:

Imagine there is an opportunity to drive at a certain time when the fares are high but at the same time, you are hungry. So What will you do? Will you Eat first? Or you will get this opportunity to get the benefit? Definitely, no one would ever lose this opportunity so keeping the handy food and water will solve your problem.

2. Must know the Public and Private Toilets in Your Area:

You should know the local private and public bathroom (This will help both for you and your passengers). In an awkward situation, you are probably facing this problem in which you or one of your passengers have a severe feeling of the bathroom.

In that condition, If you know the locations of the bathroom then your passengers definitely will give you 5.0 Star Rating.

3. Don’t Follow the Herd

Don’t go to those areas where there is high demand for drivers (Don’t Follow the Herd) See the explanation here. In certain conditions where there is high demand for drivers, there is more competition. And where there is competition, there is more chance for a decrease in Fares.

So If you go to this type of places where there is high demand, you will probably face a decrease in revenue. I will suggest to not participate in that type of areas.

4. Know when to take advantage of surge fares

There are certain conditions where log out of from your App will help in increase in revenue. Don’t know how? Le’ts have a look at this Example:

The Nightclub off at 2:00 am, therefore everyone has to return to their homes. Then there is a rush and demand for Uber drivers. Keep in mind theTip no. 3.

Why Log out from your App?

There is a high demand for Uber drivers as described above. So there is more competition across all drivers. So wait 15 minutes and log out from your App.

When all drivers get the orders from their respective passengers, there will be a vacuum created in those areas. It means that there will be fewer drivers at that place.

So if a Passenger wants to go home late at night than usual, he has to wait for his turn. Definitely, if a passenger waits for more than usual the Fares Prices are increased automatically as per specified by the Uber App conditions. Congratulations you waited just for 15 minutes and then you get more profit by just thing wisely.

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