This Google’s Default Messaging App Ready to Launch

Google Default Messaging App

You probably heard about Google Allo Messaging App which was significantly designed for Android and iOS users for communicating instant messages with quick funny stickers, doodles, and emojis. Despite its many features, it couldn’t be popular among the people because of the popularity of other rivals such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Line, Wechat, and Hike. Due to low community support, Google has to stop working on it. Then Google decided to launch its default messaging App for Android.

Despite Google has not reached its target but they found another way to improve their technology, therefore, they are working on a project that will replace Android Basic Messaging App to Advanced level Chat App like Google Allo but a built-in / default app – by adding Extra features such as sharing media, emojis, showing someone is typing now and receiver has read this message or not.

They chose this way because Google realizes that Consumers prefer internet messaging but carrier messaging is still a basic service among users and many users still use this mobile carrier service. Google couldn’t beat its rivals on internet messaging, therefore, they are going to take advantage of the basic messaging service by advancing it to the next level.

RCS (Rich Communication Service) is responsible for sending and receiving messages containing media used by mobile carriers, so Google is using some of the other mobile carrier companies like Verizon, Samsung etc. to apply new changes in basic Messaging App. This is because Samsung has already changed its basic messaging App, so now it is too easy for Google to do that. Other mobile carrier companies in Canada and the United States has already adopted that advanced chat system. Google said it will integrate RCS technology in Samsung SmartPhones.

Benefits: People will enjoy the infrastructure on their basic messaging app as many other internet messaging Apps like WhatsApp, messenger, and vibe – all new features without the use of the internet. There will be no cost of internet, and no additional App is required to install.

default messaging app

Drawbacks & Threats: Default Messaging App will cover It

Security: There supposed to be many threats to the privacy of clients’ messages. Since they are using RCS technology, therefore, SMS are not encrypted and can be seen by the company. The government can interfere with the privacy of users – in this manner the company is unable to provide full security.

Extra Cost: Google said to its partners that they can charge extra money for using the Advanced level chatting app. This might be a silly step because the rivals of internet messaging groups providing free of cost service – Just internet availability is required.

Compatibility: Only Android users can send media messages including all other stuff to Android users. This means that the messages sent to Symbian mobile users will not be supported, therefore, the old SMS system will be used when it comes to such a situation. I am not sure this service is for iPhone users because Apple Inc. already providing messages to its consumers.


Google said they will implement this service worldwide in the next two years. Note! If you found this article helpful, share it on social media and spread awareness.

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