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Now Google provides such a powerful and reliable platform “Google Cloud Platform” for developers where they can build web and mobile applications by using any programming language. There are many benefits of Google App Engine By using Google App Engine you can use your own language routines, framework, and built-in third-party libraries.

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Many successful companies such as SnapChat, Rovio, Khan Academy and developers of Angry Birds already use Google App Engine to give reliable services to their users because App Engine gives abstract level environment where there is no need to know how it works in the backend – just write any code from any language and use any built-in libraries. It also facilitates to interact with many programming IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ IDEA.

You can control this infrastructure according to your own need – Just let app engine know how much CPU performance and memory required for your mobile/web application then it will assign these metrics automatically. Following are 5 benefits of using Google App Engine.

Top 5 Benefits of Google App Engine

The App Engine allows developers to use programming language they most comfortable with. You can get started with the most powerful languages like Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Go, Java, Python or even dot NET.

It requires no effort to set up the specific language, Just write the code of whatever language and the Engine automatically detect the programming language and creates instances accordingly.

The major benefit of using google app engine is that it automatically creates dynamic instances of code and whenever there is no need for them it closes useless instances and services.

You don’t need to think too much about Monitoring and Operations

You don’t need to worry about how it monitors your application in the background process – Just use its powerful diagnostics features to control the flow of your application.

No one writes perfect code at one time, therefore you can improve the usability of your code. Focus on your code and let Google worry about databases, server configurations, and load balancing.

The Cloud Console provides many features to diagnose the behavior of your application by debugging, tracing, monitoring, flexible error reporting, and logging. It manages different services like Memcache, user APIs, and task queues.

Framework Independence Work

And that’s not enough you can bring your own custom container using any programming language or library. When you are ready to deploy the cloud – it provides flexible ways to use any framework built for other platforms.

Moreover, it provides a Kubernetes platform which is a container-based system – it helps you to deploy the code from one platform to another without any extra work. The Cloud System really helps many developers to use their own software stacks in App Engine – that’s easy to use.

Google takes care of background processes of other frameworks used in GAE  – you don’t need to worry about, just focus on building your application. Major frameworks like Django and Flask runs fast on this infrastructure.

Backups of Your Work

The benefit of using the cloud system is that it automatically backups your data whenever you make changes to your project. There are both manual and automatic ways for backing up the process.

The automation process of backing up of data is still in Alpha version but it is running successfully since 2012. They might release the beta version soon. Initiate backup process starts with adding a CRON.XML entry.

Custom Domain – SSL Security

App Engine gives you the opportunity to use custom domains in which you can use this platform without any problem of security. This is the core benefit of Google App Engine.

You can use custom domains and bring your own SSL certificate such as Let’s Encrypt. For more Info see Mapping Custom Domain from official GAE website…

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