What is a Good Uber Passenger Rating & Where to find it?

From the perspective of both Drivers and Riders

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There are a lot of factors that may affect the answer to this question (Uber Passenger Rating), like the city or ride type (UberX or UberBlack or user select). That being said, the data we got from our research resulted in the following information:

  • 4.9-5.0 is great
  • 4.7-4.9 is good
  • 4.6-4.7 is average
  • 4.5-4.6 is average in some areas while in some areas it’s frowned upon
  • Below 4.5 will need you to be cautious


Disclaimer: The information disclosed is solely based on our own Manual Research. It is highly dependent on areas and rides types, however, the results are precisely close to the original Uber Research. For more accurate results, contact the official company on their website. The Research also available in Uber Data Center.

The Rating criteria is:

Uber Rider Rating

Star Ratings and How to find them?

Uber is the biggest disruptive startup, more precisely ride-sharing behemoth, of the time. Uber network is so big that over 1 million rides are completed every single day.

And when all of these people are complete strangers, there should be some way of knowing for the passenger/driver about the professionalism of the other one.

And to fulfill that purpose, Uber has the Star Rating System, which allows each one to rate the other based upon their experience.

The ratings are disclosed as soon as you are connected to your driver through the app. This helps you in knowing what sort of experience you are going to get, to a fair degree of accuracy.

The only way to have a good rating (See the rating Satisfaction Research) is to earn it, that’s right! You can’t buy one.

And while a bad rating can’t cost you a job (the way it does to drivers if they drop their rating below a certain point, in most cases, 4.6 is the minimum threshold), still if you have low ratings, most drivers are likely to not accept your rides.

Find the Uber Passenger Rating

If you want to check your passenger rating,  follow these steps:

  • Open the Uber App
  • Click on the menu in the top left corner
  • The rating  will be visible to you right below your name, like this

uber passenger rating


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