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A self-driving car can drive and navigate itself without the need for a driver. It uses latest technologies like radar, GPS, laser light, odometry to drive it carefully. In the future, regular cars will be replaced by self-driving cars. It uses advanced control systems to detect an obstacle and suitable navigation paths. In today’s world, major companies such as Google, Uber, Volvo, Tesla, and BMW are working on this project. See How self-driving car can work?

Why We need Self-driving Cars?

There are several reasons to adopt modern mobility system – but one reason you already know is to adopt new technology as the world is growing fast, therefore, everyone is glad to think the new world will be more secure, reliable and more advanced. In today’s world, if we talk about road crimes committed by most drivers, it opens threats to living beings – as many are killed in road accidents. But if we replace today’s mobility system with autopilot mobility system, we can handle road accidents, drivers’ crimes, and other threats more safely. Therefore, the idea of latest autopilot technology has got approval by many of us. On the other hand, If we think from a different perspective, automobility system has many cons will be discussed soon.

Major Contributing Factors: To reduce costs, road accidents, increase the flow of traffic, time-saving (direct to traffic flow), making reliable Public-Service, less fuel consumption, reduce hazardous air pollutants, reduce parking and road space.

Big Disadvantages & Threats

(1) The first and big disadvantage is unemployment to driving professionals – a big job loss, there will be a debt to major automobiles companies and as a result, there will be a protest on road by many unions.

(2) To save the fuel – Self-driving cars will be operated on electric technology, therefore, there will be a major loss to the gasoline industry.

(3) Driverless cars would be more expensive if they came into existence for the general public – an average person cannot buy these cars.

(4) These cars will encourage terrorists to do their abusive work easily – they can load explosive material and with the remote control can easily attack their target.

(5) In any case, if one road accident occurs, there will be tough to manage other robotic cars – due to one crime there will be many crimes on the road and hence thanks to self-driving cars (a big threat).

(6) There will be still needed for humans to manage security issues as mentioned above the terrorism the biggest threat.

(7) A big change to road infrastructure – therefore, huge money will be required to build such a robotic infrastructure. It may include advanced traffic signal system for robots – therefore, huge money will be served for advanced road equipment.

(8) A major privacy issue will arise because self-driving cars will definitely use navigation data and map – therefore, it will leave major privacy concerns.

(9) Due to mass-dependent on the algorithm, there could be the malfunction in the algorithm – as a virus can be more harmful to self-driving cars and with the problem of one car there will be many problems to other.

Google has developed a self-driving car: Google Self Driving Car | Automobile Technology

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