Mercedes Cabrio (C-Class): Expensive but Worth it | Automobile

The world’s biggest brand Mercedes Cabrio has launched its 5th E-Class cabriolet opens for intense pleasure. It has all the premium features like E-Class Saloon and E-ClassCoupé. E-Class saloon is the 10th generation of the business saloon that has many high-grade features including stylish highlights, Premium-class fabric soft top, luxurious and avant-garde seats, maximum open-air comfort and 4MATIC all-wheel drive for the first time. It has the latest technology of diesel engine and Active Lane-change Assistant which helps the driver to steer into the selected lane with ease that enables comfort and safe driving.

Mercedes Cabrio Exterior Design

The fabric soft top with insulation enables it to make climate comfort and reduce driving noise, wind and even control temperature (more or less). This fabric-soft-top can be fully opened in just 10 seconds with the highest speed of 5 Km/h and the same for closing (10 seconds for closing).

The AIRCAP automatic draught-stop system makes open-air comfort possible as it controls an unstable flow of air on the top. It makes possible to drive with open-top in any season and weather (more or less). In general, AIRCAP controls air turbulence on the top of all four seats that ultimately makes the journey enjoyable.

AIRSCARF is a system of adjustable air vents integrated with head restraints of seats that work with AIRCAP for heating purposes when passengers feel cold. It is designed to work with AIRCAP to control the temperature. AIRCAP detects signals from sensors, adjusts the air turbulence and to work accurately it sends these signals to AIRSCARF for further temperature control.

The new Mercedes Cabriolet has grown in wheelbase, length and width compared to its predecessor or E-Class Cabriolet. The wheelbase has an extra 120 mm in length in the new cabriolets. It advanced the technology of its previous features such as new generation Front electric windows, Heated Mirrors, Heated Seats, body-colored bumpers and cruise control.

Mercedes Cabrio Interior Design

The beautiful high-grade interior design makes it the world’s best luxurious car. The company renewed it entirely in only one year and made it sporty. It has powerful engines that enable high speed with comfortable driving experience. Now, the 4MATIC all-wheel drive is available in this car that makes engines run smoothly and enhances its stability and accuracy. The avant-garde and luxurious four seats with beautiful interior design added room make it a sportily sculptured car. The new E-Class family cabriolets have numerous renovations in terms of interior design. The new dual ultra HD display screen on the front makes it illuminance in a night that represents 4 dimensions display in the space. The finger swipe feature at gear system really let the driver take everything with ease.

Touch Control Buttons on the steering wheel makes drive simple and handy. These buttons are the same as home touch bar on the smartphones. These buttons let the drivers control functions of a car without taking off their hands from the steering wheel and hence it makes the driver feel comfortable while on a journey. The touchpad on the center console is taken from the C-Class cabriolet which offers further input function that enhances its functionality in terms of making the car advanced in technology.  

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