Top 5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Do you need more traffic or customers to your online business? Maybe most of us are doing their best to increase traffic from search engines. But there are hidden mistakes that cause our content marketing down. Today! there are millions of copies of the same topic but which content Google knows to rank higher than others and which factors it counts? Absolutely this depends on the quality and uniqueness of content. The better the content appealing to users the more visitors will recommend the site to others. Everyone is doing the same job so what are those tactics that are others doing better than you? And you are doing the same mistakes again and again, therefore we wrote Top 5 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid.

Major Content Marketing Mistakes

If your content doesn’t appeal to your visitors, you are destroying your brand. Every time Google comes to your website it notes the customer experience. You are not getting required visitors due to the lower ranking in search engines. And lower-ranking occurs due to the poor user experience. There are several reasons why most of us fail, therefore they should learn Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

So look what mistakes people are doing again and again….

(1) Weak in Research

Today the world has become so advanced that if you don’t do your work right now, you are giving a chance to your competitors. Do research your audience about what they are looking for? Provide your users the exact material what they are seeking for.

You can research your audience with the help of several tools available in the market. One of them for advertisers and business holders is Google trends. See Detailed Guide to Google Trends from best free SEO tools. Google trends help you find your potential customers in any region and time. 

One of the best tools that help you to know your target keywords is the Keyword Planner tool. And if you are a blogger,  use UberSuggest and KEYWORD.IO tools for long-tail keywords. Also read a perfect of How to Increase Blog Traffic: 10+ Tips will Help You to increase blog traffic.

(2) Add Blog category to your Website

Whether if you are running your business or selling affiliate products, you must add blog category to your website. It will help to generate more organic traffic and aware of your potential audience to your products and services. Your site will become rich in content, therefore it will give a green signal to search engines to discover your appearance in the online world. If you don’t know how to add blog category, use Wordpress blog for this purpose.

By adding blogs again and again on your site, as most of the people will come to your site then they have confidence before buying your products and hence, your business will grow day by day.

(3) Social & Customer Care Service

Promote your business on major social platforms, this will increase your customers as well as their satisfaction. Nowadays almost 45% of online customers come from Facebook, Twitter & other major platforms, so first target your customers from social Platforms.

As I mentioned above add blog categories to your site and write amazing and engaging blog posts so that visitors share your content on their social profiles. This sharing process will exponentially increase if you provide amazing content to your visitors.    

The important step that various forgets is to provide customer care service to your existing as well as new customers. A helpful and kindness customer caring service will increase your customer satisfaction and confidence in your service. If you notice your competitors might using this powerful service, that’s why they are getting their required customers for the business.

(4) Prefer to Target Mobile Users

Research shows more than 60% of online customers prefer Mobile devices to buy products in the United States. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you are losing your customers. Use Responsive design layouts on your website or If you are using a Wordpress platform, use the only Responsive theme.

There are different metrics that calculate your mobile overall user experience. One of them is the speed issue, If your website is loading more than in the recommended time, your customers may move to other websites better than yours.

(5) Use of Media in Website

Use engaging images and videos on your blog; this will help visitors to seek information with the pleasure of ease, therefore, you will increase average time span users spend on your website. Search Engines will give you high authority since your website has satisfying visitors and ultimately this will increase the ranking of your site in SERPs.


Content Marketing is the best way to promote your business. Adding Blog to your site will give green signals to search engines as well as your customers. This will also increase online visibility to your site and organic traffic. Social Media is the perfect way to increase the sales of your brand. Don’t forget to target mobile users as this is the world of mobile devices and customers prefer to buy products through mobiles. These are the top 5 Content Marketing Mistakes to avoid in order to survive in the online world.

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