The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life


the world of Artificial Intelligence is stretching like “a sand in a desert”; we have involved it in almost all the matters of everyday life. Have a look at your surroundings! You will find every object is involving AI in this age. The trend of AI is wide-ranging more than predictions done in the past. That’s why the impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life is more wide-ranging than science fiction suggestions.

Do you imagine? When watching a video on Youtube or reading a blog post on the internet, you see an ad most relevant to that video, content, and your interest. All these recommendations which ad to display is a live example of the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life.

Even when you go to online stores like Amazon, the algorithm running on the backend suggests the most relevant products to you. These Suggestions or Recommendations are based on your interest, which video you watched, or your previous search on the specific products in the store.

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Six Major Applications: impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life

Virtual Assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant help to fulfill everyday needs. Do you ask Siri to search a keyword on the internet?

Do you tell Google Assistant to read your customized news every day? Or do you even call Alexa to order an Uber ride for you? Every time you interact with virtual assistants, you are interacting with Artificial Intelligence.

Day by day these virtual assistants are learning from humans “which action to perform better for a specific query?” Google Assistant is performing better day by day. Even if your partner broke up with you, your virtual partner still here to Assuagement you in this situation.

AI is taking over Dangerous Jobs

There are people who think that with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, a human can face big challenges and the big one is that they can lose their jobs. So this is the fear that leads many of us to think badly about AI. People should understand that Robots can be a blessing in disguise to us. This is because Robots are reliving humans from hard work and dangerous jobs. They can do heavy metal welding jobs that are more dangerous to human workers and that job is called robotic welding.

There is no fear of unemployment as humans are needed to operate these robots. I think with the arrival of Robotic Artificial Intelligence, humans can breathe with calmness as they are free from heavy work where they have threats to their lives.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

This is the world of gadgets in which AI plays a vital role in establishing a strong algorithm of these gadgets. Look at your surroundings, you will find many devices are connected to the internet; whether it is you Watch gear, Home AC or even a TV, all devices are IoT devices. Nowadays you can control your home AC, TV, and many other devices while sitting in the office.

Self Driving Cars could use AI to Learn Drive

Today is the world of science and technology, everything is now involving science and technology. Now Self driving cars can now drive themselves without the need of a manual driver.

But we have many threats of the use of self-driving cars in the form of road accidents, street crimes & terrorist activities.

Road accidents can now be eliminated with the arrival of the advanced training system in AI. Today self-driving cars can now learn from past experience.

Google Self-driving car had already launched in California. Riders of Google self-driving cars revealed the good experience of this technology. All this progress lies under the impact of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life.

Solving Climate Change With AI

Controlling the environment is the biggest challenge to protect the lives of innocent creators. The industrial revolution produced many threats as harmful gases lead to the death of all human beings.

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence is solving this problem. Many moderator devices detect the environmental pollution, give the red signal to climate control institutes, these institutes are doing their best to solve the environmental pollution.

Artificial Clouds: We as human beings should have proud to say that we are now making artificial clouds. Now we can utilize these clouds to control Climate Change Problems.

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