Dwell Time: A major Ranking Factor in Search Engines

Dwell Time which in often overlooked Facet by many SEO experts, is very critical to Search Engines. Many of us pay more attention to those other factors which have less importance. If you struggled with SEO and got no or less result then it might be due to Dwell Time issue.


If you are more critical of your failures in the field of SEO, you should give time for letting know yourself the major mistakes of many SEO experts do. This complete guide will help not only understanding the impact of Dwell Time but also improving it by natural ways. So what are you waiting for? If you really want to control your higher ranking in search engines then don’t let yourself move away without reading this complete guide.

What is Dwell Time?

Dwell Time is one of the SERPs metrics that calculate user experience, engagements, session duration, and SERP major ranking factor CTR (Click Through Rate). This metric can be calculated by using different techniques but it is not available thoroughly because it depends on different factors. These Factors include:

  1. Bounce Rate
  2. Session Duration
  3. Click-Through Rate (CTR) on SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

People often confuse on Dwell time. Some think it is the same as session duration, other think it is the bounce rate and some think it is based on Click Through Rate (CTR). But the story is different. All of the above metrics are different things and Dwell time is different. Actually, it is the combination of these three metrics. To improve this time you should improve Bounce Rate, Session Duration and Click Through Rate (CTR).

Click-Through Rate (CTR): A percentage of appearing a website into search results based on a specific query and how often users click on this Website. It is different for every query on which a Website appears on search results.

CTR Formula: ( clicks / page impressions ) x 100. Page impressions are how often a user see your page on a search result and a click is many clicks a website have based on a query.

Bounce Rate: A percentage of visitors who leave the Website after only one-page view.

Session Duration: An average time user spends on a Website.

Click-Through Rate measures the worth of a site. Google wants to give best search results to its users, therefore, it pays attention to CTR. The higher the CTR the more chances your site has for higher ranking. Dwell time starts at CTR when a user clicks on a Website. If a Website has less CTR, Dwell time will be less. So first increase your CTR. Actually, CTR is the entry point where your Dwell time starts.

Bounce Rate should be less than 40%. It means if more than 40 percent of your visitors leave your website after viewing only one page than it is bad. You must decrease the Bounce Rate if you really want higher rankings.

The more a website has a session duration the more it is beneficial. It is the average time a user stays on a website. Dwell time ends with a session duration.

Ultimate Guide to Improve Dwell Time?

To Improve a Dwell time you should first improve your SERPs CTR. For improving Click Through Rate (CTR) you have to research user’s interest. By knowing your user’s interest you will be able to improve CTR. After working on CTR you should provide engaging and quality content to visitors and avoid major content marketing mistakes. Therefore, visitors stay on your site. Interlink to your pages one another so that visitor can easily navigate your pages and find the information what they are seeking.

Following the ultimate guide will help to increase dwell time:

Improve SERPs CTR: Make your title engaging and make short URLs of that page. Your title should not exceed the maximum limit of 50 characters because Google shows title between 40 to 50 characters so make sure you are using a short title with engaging words. Make your meta description less than 150 characters. Put your keywords in description make it worthy by using engaging words.

Decrease Bounce Rate: To decrease the percentage of visitors who leave a website by viewing only one page, you must Interlink your related and worthy pages to your Article, so that visitors go to others pages within the website. Make Navigation user-friendly and design worthy. Add Breadcrumb bar in your pages. Breadcrumb will tell your visitors where they are on this site.

Increase Session Duration: Make your content engaging by adding appropriate and interesting images and videos on your website. By adding media to your site will increase time users spending on a website and hence it will increase Session Duration.


Dwell time is comprised of three metrics (1)Bounce Rate, (2)Session Duration and (3) SERPs CTR. It starts from CTR when a user enters the website. The percentage of users leaving a website by only viewing one page then this percentage is called bounce rate. The Decrease in Bounce Rate increases Dwells time. Session Duration is the average time users spend on a website. Dwell time is calculated by combining these three metrics. The improvement in any of these metrics will improve the ranking of a website.

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