The Ultimate Guide to avoid Black Hat techniques

In Search Engines terms, Black Hat SEO is the technique to rank a website by means of unnatural ways. It is prohibited by search engines because it does not comply with their terms and conditions. Websites having rankings due to Black Hat SEO strategies and techniques are usually banned by Google. It is disapproved of technique that increases page rank quickly but got banned by Search Engines later.


If you are struggling for website ranking and your getting results naturally – I mean if your website is ranking slowly but naturally and you want to rank it higher on Search Engines’ top 3 results quickly then you should not apply negative SEO strategies that violate Search Engines’ terms and conditions. Instead of adopting negative SEO techniques you must do these 3 Steps to increase Dwell Time for higher rankings.

You can test yourself whether you are doing Negative SEO by simply testing your page: “Is that page I’m providing to the users helpful or not?” and “is that page have the exact information users seeking for?”. If the answer is “NO”, you are adopting a negative strategy. Those websites that don’t follow webmaster’s quality guidelines are more likely to be banned by Search Engines.

Is Black Hat SEO Legal?

No, it is not a legal strategy because you are deceiving users as well as Search Engines. When a user sees a result page of your website in SERPs, he looks a title and description that engage the user to enter into a website. When the user enters into the website and sees no helpful information he is seeking for then he might leave your page. When a user leaves your page in a very short time then it tells Search Engines that this website has quality issues, hence resulting increase in bounce rate and decrease in session duration and this will discourage indexing. It affects ranking negatively, therefore, don’t apply negative SEO strategy.

What are Black SEO techniques?

It includes all those techniques that don’t follow Search Engines’ quality guidelines and terms and conditions. If you are doing something aggressively with your SEO then it might be the reason for the decrease in rankings. Following are Negative SEO  techniques that discourage search engines for higher rankings.

Auto-generated content

There are a lot of tools available in the market that generate content automatically. These tools generate irrelevant content to your topic as well as the content generated by these tools has no sense in general. It is just keyword stuffing in those sentences that are pre-defined in the algorithm. Every time you generate content with these tools you get a vague and low-quality content that is not useful for visitors and everything that is not useful for visitors discourages search engines. Know the reason Why auto-generated content is against Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines?

Article Spinning

You can generate a similar copy of the article by spinning it but you cannot publish it because it is also against Webmaster Quality Guidelines. It also makes less sense, the reason behind it is that the spinning tool’s algorithm only replaces words with synonyms. And you know sometimes a word used in a sentence may have the different meaning to its original one. That’s why it makes no sense in sentence structure. Know the exact reason Why Article spinning is prohibited in Google?

Doorway Pages

These pages are meant for only Search Engines ranking purposes. These are not useful for visitors because they have rich keyword stuffing and those queries which are most searched by users, therefore, these pages have no such useful information for visitors. Google clearly told Doorway pages are banned by Google.

Sneaky Redirects or Cloaking

Sneaky redirects are meant to be abusive behavior because a user clicks on a different page but it redirects to the different one. By doing Cloaking Google bot saw a different page and users saw a different one. Both are abusive behavior and are violating the webmaster quality guidelines and are the part of Black Hat SEO. See What Google says about Cloaking and Sneaky Redirects?

Hidden Text and Links:

Hidden text and links behind on your pages can create trouble for you as Google clearly says it banns those websites which use this abusive behavior. It includes

Spam Structured Markup

Again marking up text that is invisible to users. Spammy link, for example, the text is “what is something?” and a link will open a result about something irrelevant to that topic. So be sure you should read Google Markup Guidelines. There are also other techniques that may lead to the demotion of the ranking of a website but you should not do these techniques mentioned above for safe SEO.

Conclusion: Black Hat SEO is the technique used for quick ranking of a website by violating Search Engines Guidelines. It includes all those strategies that may lead to spam. Negative SEO may rank a website for a short time but later it will be penalized by Search Engines in the result of the demotion of the site. Don’t use these tactics rather use natural ways for SEO and always have a mindset for a long-term project. If you don’t have a website. We suggest to Start a Blog. It’s super easy to get started. 

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