Top 5 Best things Google Assistant can do Better | Tech

Perhaps in my point of view, Google Assistant can do many things better than Siri and Alexa. It brings many facilities in your life. It can be your personal healthcare, everyday news and weather forecaster, question & answer encyclopedia, real-time translator, joker, adviser regarding eat & drink & dance or shop, vacation spots, a reminder of in everything and life motivational partner.

It helps you in every situation whether you are in a bathroom, driving a car, doing important work, diving into the river, taking a selfie, sitting in a meeting, sleeping, break up with your partner, dancing, shopping and Watching online series and movies on Netflix. By speaking you can convert currencies and measurements – just speak “CONVERT __$ TO_$

Google Assistant Can Read News on Every Morning

Google Home gives the facility to read the latest news every morning without telling Google Assistant that you want to read the news. To activate this service – Go to Allo Google Messaging App speak “What can you do?” it will show subscription item then select your subscription you want for daily routines at a fixed time.

Google news service shows all the latest news of your interest. Google AI tool always get your news interests, therefore, you get the news you love the most. The news you read every day is from the service of your local region. You can change this setting by simply letting Google know which news website you want to read.

Now Google can read the news by speaking (You don’t need to have extra knowledge of Parts of Speech of English Language) it if you don’t want to read manually or you get bored after reading. It shows the weather forecast every time you unlock the device if you chose this service. Moreover, Google Assistant provides many other services related to the news forecast may be missing in this article.

Looking Up Emails/SMS/Whatsapp

Google Home will show your emails whenever you say it shows my emails. It brings a lot of features with it. It can send emails to your contact. Just say send email to john (for example) if John is your in contact then it will automatically add the recipient email otherwise you have to speak email address of your recipient.

Do you want to see emails arrived in the morning, just say Google “Do I miss any emails from Morning?” It will open all emails arrived in the morning.

Similarly, it can also open new sim and Whatsapp messages and send the SMS to your contact, for example, speak “send SMS to “Khalil”, it will open SMS composing panel where you can write SMS by tapping or even by speaking.

Set Important Reminders

Now your Assistant can help you remind your important tasks – Say it “set a reminder for this Sunday”, it will open a prompting message “at what time? Chose a time from below or enter it manually”.

It also remember you daily routine thoughts – Do you have a habit to forget to lock the doors, to your passwords, to your wife shopping lists at the mall, or anything you forget little things? Google will help to remember your little thoughts at the right time.

Play a Game

Say Google to play a game, plenty of available games including quiz, tic-tac-toe and other Doodle games will appear, select the appropriate game to play.

In custom setting you can change the behavior of your Assist when it comes for playing games, it will either prompt your latest played game or will ask you what game do you want to play – it will show all game lists installed in your mobile, select appropriate one and enjoy.

Tomorrow tasks

Google calendar already exists for your important daily routines work to remind. Arriving at Google Assistant it enhances its performance in the Artificial world. Say “ what am going to do tomorrow?” it will show all the available lists for tomorrow from Google calendar.

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